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BPP announces dirt cheap fees for undergraduate law programme
09 September 2011
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BPP has announced its undergraduate fees for the upcoming academic year. And the institution has severely undercut not only fierce rival the College of Law, but the rest of the higher education sector too.

BPP, the paint barely drying on its new sign proudly announcing it as the UK's latest university, is to charge a mere £5,000 a year. So that's a three-year law degree for a bargain-basement £15,000. Those who race through their LLB in two years pay £6,000 a year. A law degree in double-quick time for only £12,000. Woof.

Almost every other university of note (from Oxbridge to Bath Spa) is charging the maximum £9,000 per year for three year courses. And the College of Law is relieving students of £18,000 for its two-year LLB. So on the face of it this looks like a complete bargain. Although it remains to be seen if grad rec departments at City firms will turn up their noses at applicants from a university with no track record...

    Something else cheap but not necessarily good for your future prospects.

A sidestepping spokeswoman for the College of Law - where the extra money will presumably go on, amongst other things, computers that work - told RollOnFriday that the CoL was "investing heavily in the design of our LL.B degree to ensure a high quality programme drawing upon our innovative teaching, sector expertise and focus on employability that enabled 84% of our 2010 LPC graduates to find employment in the legal sector six months after graduating."



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