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Solicitor jailed for £300k theft from clients and other stories
27 July 2012
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A north-east solicitor has been jailed for two years after being found guilty of taking £300,000 worth of clients funds, almost half of which he funnelled directly into his back pocket. And a Northern Irish solicitor has won a three-year sentence after making a series of threatening phone calls. And that means another two cards in the RollOnFriday Top Trumps deck.

Robert Cutty was formerly a consultant at Harding, Swinburn and Jackson in Sunderland. He owned an expensive house in a smart suburb of Durham, and is thought to have taken the cash to help keep up what was described in the local press as a "mansion". Despite that, in court his lawyer noted that his lifestyle wasn't "lavish".

As is so typical, it took years for his firm and then regulators to catch up with his criminal spree. Starting in 2003, Cutty transferred £33,000 of client funds to himself, and took another £110,000 or so just two years later (half of it from a dead client's estate). He covered up the large-scale theft by moving money between clients' accounts, although all clients have now been reimbursed. He was finally rumbled in 2010, and sentenced on Tuesday. Such is the astonishing speed of justice.


Second into the ranks of the Dodgy Solicitors comes Irish barrister Paul McLoughlin. Between 2006 and 2010, McLoughlin was accused of harassing a junior barrister, Lorcan Staines, bombarding him with a series of frankly rather nasty calls and voicemails. In the messages he told Staines "I want you to be my boyfriend", said that Staines should "look left and right the next time he was in the toilet" and made plenty of references to Fatal Attraction.

Staines involved the police in 2009, but made no formal complaint. However the barrage of voicemails, text messages and emails continued, so McLoughlin was charged with harassment at the end of last year. He changed his plea to guilty after hearing the voicemails played in court.

McLoughlin was given a three-year jail term, of which the final year will be suspended following his guilty plea. He also apologised in court, stating that he "realised the serious grievous wrong [he] had done". He hopes to restart his legal career when he gets out.

The two legal professionals jump straight into mid-table respectability in the overall chart of woe. Congratulations to them both.

 Matthew Kluger, ex Skadden
 USA  Insider trading
 12 years
 Martin Weisberg, ex Bakers
 USA  $3m money laundering, securities fraud
 8 years expected
 Simon Morgan, ex Milners  England  Theft of £1.4 million  7 years
 Kevin Steele, ex Mishcon
 England  £18.4m conspiracy
 5 1/2 years
 Louise Martini, ex Williamson & Soden
 England  Theft of £1.7m
 5 years
 David O'Shea, ex O'Donovan
 Ireland  Theft of €779,000
 4 years
 Kenneth Hunt, ex Hunt Kidd
 England  Theft of £1m
 4 years
 Christopher Grierson, ex Lovells
 England  Theft of £1.3m
 3 years
 Paul McLoughlin, barrister
 N. Ireland
 Harrassment  3 years
 Barbara Gayton, ex Hunt Kidd
 England  Theft of £1m
 2 years
 Robert Cutty, ex Harding, Swinburn and Jackson  England  Theft of £300,000
 2 years
 Andy Hodges, ex Fraser Brown/Challinors
 England  Theft of £70,000
 18 months
 Emma Rowsell, ex CC
 England  Theft of £63,000
 18 months
 Richard Simkin, ex Fulbright
 England  Theft of £100,000
 16 months
 Judie Groom, ex CC
 England  Theft of £23,000
 15 months
 Leonard Sawyer
 USA  Lewd acts
 180 days expected
 Partner who ran a red light, Hogan Lovells
 Dubai  Running a red light
 20 days
 Pissed trainee, Freshfields
 Dubai  Being pissed
 2 days

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anonymous user
27/07/2012 11:18
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What about the former solicitor (previously struck off and jailed for forging a will) who's just been done for running a brothel? (See the usual salacious story in everyone's favourite national newspaper for details)
anonymous user
27/07/2012 17:23
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"And a Northern Irish solicitor has won a three-year sentence after making a series of threatening phone calls" ... erm, he appears to be neither Northern Irish nor a solicitor!