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Bonkers Law Firm Website: Dungeon Masters
22 July 2016
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This week's bonkers firm has its very own castle.
Visitors to the site of Seno Edhie & Partners are presented with a large wooden door to a stone keep, into the walls of which a diligent mason has carved the name of the firm. Lit by a torch and captioned "the doorway to manage your legal risk" (get it?), the Jakarta-based firm's unusual approach is bound to capture the hearts and business of lots of clients. As long as they were aged between seven and 12 when Knightmare was on telly.

  Law firm, 2016

    Knightmare, 1987-1994

Like the sightless dungeoneer, visitors should also don a vision-impairing helmet before going further. That way they won't feel like Seno Edhie & Partners wants to swallow their soul when they click on the door and it rushes up to greet them:

There are not hours of entertainment behind the door. Clients can hover the cursor over one door to make it open, or the other, or both, but that's about it. RollOnFriday's crack reporters investigated thoroughly to make sure.

Anyone expecting knights, cave trolls or at the very least photos of the weirdos who commissioned this thing will be disappointed. The only occupants of the Seno castle are some scrolls. You can unroll them, but just remember to click on the seal when you're done.

Impressed by its oddness, RollOnFriday asked the firm why it decided Dungeons & Dragons: Six Scroll Adventure would be a good look. Unfortunately requests must also be submitted via scroll, and no-one returned comment.

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