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Bonkers law firm website: Propellerheads
04 September 2015
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This week's entry in the law firm website hall of bonkerdom is Panamanian firm Carreira Pitti, which has a propeller and is very proud of it.

Founded in 1986 to take advantage of the shipping work coming down the Panama Canal, Carreira Pitti has decorated its website with sector-appropriate photos, including atmospheric studies of an anchor, a cleat, another anchor and a propeller. See if you can tell which piece of flotsam is the lawyers' favourite. 

    HMS Fernando 

Fransisco, 97% propeller

    Raul is delighted with his massive propellor

Guillermo takes groin blades more seriously

    Leonor even wore a sailor suit 

Only partners and top managers are allowed to pose with the propeller. Staff lower down the pecking order are FORBIDDEN from posing with it, or looking directly at it. Anyone who gets ideas is punished with the miniseat.


Naughty Fransisco.

If you've seen a site as seaworthy as Carreira Pitti's, write in.

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anonymous user
04/09/2015 13:56
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are they operating the propeller and if so what with?