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Bonkers website: The GQ photoshoot
24 April 2015
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A Dutch firm has claimed its place in the bonkers pantheon by mistaking 'website' for 'hunting lodge lifestyle magazine'.

Laumen Business Law's innovation is to do away with the customary website experience. Instead of allowing visitors to browse freely around their site, two-man band Maxim L Laumen and Jouke Brada force users to click through 12 full-page photos of themselves posing in front of distressed fireplaces, often in turtlenecks, before revealing the firm's contact details. Luckily the pictures feature Laumen dressed as a mad king and Brada looking like his own waxwork, so no-one will mind.

  LLP, bitches

    Nobody puts Brada in the corner. Well Laumen does, to remind him of his place. But no-one else does. The cleaners do, when they need to dust under him. But apart from Laumen and the cleaners, no-one does.

    Maxim's maxim for maximum satismaxtion.

  Punching up

Writing it on the table saved a lot of time

Flip through all the shots of Laumen and Brada in their wood-panelled lair at Lauman Business Law, because there isn't a choice.



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