Hackers have infiltrated a law firm's website and littered it with secret instructions to buy knock-off Viagra. Either that or Blakewells Solicitors has been struck with the desire to help visitors achieve tumescence.

Here's Blakewell's online patter about tenancy law, in which it boasts of its expertise, erm, evicting squatters who have 9hr stiffys.

The tragedy of a death in the family is something Bakewells takes very seriously indeed, when it's not flogging pencil lead pills to the mourners.

It's so awkward when people refuse to plan for their own death and risk dying flaccid. Blakewells tackles the issue cockhead-on. It also ships to kids.

    Should have instructed Blakewells.

Whatever your legal needs, rest assured Blakewells' Canadian viagra outlet will put you upright.

Blakewells: Where Law is made Simpler!/Unintelligible.

The firm's emal form was non-functioning and no-one returned calls, so RollOnFriday couldn't even place an order. It's in good company.
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