An Australian lawyer received a surprise windfall of $25 million due to a huge gaffe by her bank.

Sydney lawyer Clare Wainwright checked her online bank account last week and discovered that the National Australia Bank had unexpectedly paid her mortgage and also deposited $24,544,780.16 into her account.

The cock-up occurred when a typo by the bank resulted in Wainwright received the eye-watering sum rather than the sum of $2,500 that was due to land in her account.

Wainwright posted a photo of her bank balance on Facebook, adding the comment: "when NAB accidentally pays out your entire mortgage, and gives you an extra $24.5 mil to redraw ... do I skip the country?" However, rather than putting on a fake moustache and buying a one way ticket to the Maldives, Wainwright informed her mortgage broker and contacted the bank. 

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The lawyer said "I knew I couldn't get away with playing the dumb card". The money sat in her account for a couple of days, before the bank corrected the error and took back the money.

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