A lawyer from Christchurch has been found guilty of three charges of misconduct and struck off.

Murray Ian Withers is Principal of his firm ‘Murray Withers & Associates’ and has more than 30 years’ experience behind him. The charges, brought by the Law Society Standards Committee, relate to Withers failing to meet an undertaking, not disclosing a personal interest when acting as a lawyer for a trust, and continuing to conceal his personal interest in the company when it failed to repay a loan.

  30 years down the drain

This is not the first time Withers has played dodgeball. The tribunal heard he was found guilty of “professional failures” involving actions of a similar nature in previous years. As a result they reasoned that “these factors support a view that Mr Withers tends to ignore his responsibilities, and also suggest that he is unlikely to change, which make a strike off appropriate”.

Withers was ordered to pay costs totalling $63,900. At the time of writing Withers’ profile is still appearing on his firm website.

New Zealand Law Society President, Chris Moore, said that “Any undisclosed interest which a lawyer might have is a direct threat to that relationship of confidence and trust".


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