The time has come to rate or slate your firm in RollOnFriday’s anonymous Aussie Firm of the Year 2014 Survey.

Last year small firm Marque Lawyers scored big with an impressive 91% score, beating Mills Oakley, Lavan Legal and Norton Rose to the top spot. It was the second year running that the seven partnered firm had triumphed and, as a firm spokesman commented, "It just goes to prove that the recipe for success in law is exceptional people, a genuine commitment to cake and a freezer full of vodka".

  Every Managing Partner's worst nightmare

However HWL Ebsworth scored a dismal 41% making it the coveted Golden Turd winner. Staff were not impressed by the firm, commenting that was a place where politics was "rife," the atmosphere was "bitchy" and partners behaved as if juniors can "be forced to give whatever they want".  Otherwise, fine.

Have your say on your firm's pay, prospects, biscuits and loos by filling out the survey here.  It takes less than a minute to vote and don't forget to send it to your colleagues. The hotly anticipated results will be announced in the New Year.
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