Managing partners coveting the Australian Firm of the Year award will have a tough time wrestling the title off Marque Lawyers. The 2012 champ is pulling in humongous scores.

Marque staff love its "amazing people," its "Friday afternoon chocolate treats" and even the "squirms" (no explanation given). Everything from the "free bread" to displaying "more plastic dinosaurs than any other law firm" gets a thumbs-up. Employees still claim to be delighted that "we have music playing in the office all day", but at least they're playing "lots of The Artist Formerly Knows as Prince" instead of last year's trance anthologies.

    A Marque Lawyers trainee gets down to some filing

However at Allens there are no funk soundtracks: we're told that the firm prefers to cultivate a "Church of England grammar school feel". And despairing Allens litigators complain of "limited prospects" now that the firm is "adopting the Linklaters model of evaluating departments on the basis of utility for Corporate and Finance".

At least their bosses aren't taking inspiration from David Brent. One HWL Ebsworth lawyer begs "please can someone point out to our Managing Partner that the sign above his office door which says "I am the Juan" is not a good look and must immediately be removed".

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