Respondents to RollOnFriday's 2013 Australian Firm of the Year survey are revealing all about life at their firms.

A Clifford Chance staffer complains that the "extremely long hours" aren't made any easier by junior partners "who are wankers, live in a bubble and have ridiculous demands". And things are little better at Allen & Overy, where "business groups are seen as personal fiefdoms by the equity partners in charge".

Meanwhile, Mills Oakley partners are keen to assert their can-do attitude. "When we picked up a new client, a turkey farm" alleges one senior lawyer, "my partner insisted on "milking" a male turkey (by hand) in the animal husbandry shed". Apparently he was so keen to get stuck in that he got started "before accepting instructions".

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However it seems no-one is entertaining staff by tugging off livestock at Minter Ellison where one gloomy staffer reckons there is no point leaving the firm since it is "just as bad anywhere else".  Although a junior at Henry Davis York might beg to differ, claiming that the "total lack of respect and self-degradation are among the many things one can expect to look forward to every day."

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