Last week RollOnFriday kicked off the Australian Firm of the Year Survey 2013. It covers everything from the prospects of promotion to the quality of the crappers and gives law firm staff from Perth to Brisbane the chance to rate their firm in all the ways that matter. Dozens have submitted their verdicts already, which take just 30 seconds to complete.

Newly-minted Ashurst Australia is off to a cracking start, although judging by the plaudits for its social scene and, er, "great boozee," it seems possible the respondents are just plastered.

McCullough Robertson is doing even better. Its "genuinely down-to-earth" staff are "the friendliest people I've ever worked with". Although last year's infamous "toilet terrorist" could always pop up and dash its hopes. Meanwhile Freehills is threatening to pull away from the pack aided by high ratings for its "mmm good" meeting room biscuits.


A Freehills associate struggles to concentrate

Clayton Utz is faring less well. Boasting a "state of the art office that is freezing in winter," "blinds and lifts that don't work" and a "toxic environment," its early scores are not looking rosy.  Still, at least the national managing partner "actually makes you feel ok about being a sweatshop worker".

Finally, a special mention for Piper Alderman's partying COO who "cuts up the dancefloor". Given last year's revelation that he also likes to "slip into lycra", it's 50/50 whether Pipers really is "the place to be".

We really want to hear your views. The anonymous survey takes less than a minute to complete. Winners and losers will be revealed in the new year.
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Anonymous 29 January 13 07:37

Further redundancies in process of being rolled out, once again by stealth, in clayton utz's melbourne and Sydney offices.