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More than 1,500 people have responded within the first week of RollOnFriday's survey to determine the Best Law Firms to Work At 2022.

Satisfied respondents have given high marks to firms where "there are no dickheads", where there have been "massive strides on social mobility", and where partners "genuinely seem to give a damn about us as people, not billing units".

Others have punished their firms for "lots of blue sky thinking and talk about 'smashing it' but little in the way of tangible steps to improve things", for "cringeworthy and wrong headed D&I initiatives", and for having "only one person managing and he’s a total psychopath".

The results will create the definitive index of the Best Law Firms to Work At 2022, eliciting cartwheels from Managing Partners at the top of the pile, and propelling the bosses who mistook their associates' howls of anguish for screams of joy through the five stages of Golden Turd grief: denial, anger, bargaining, painting smiles on the walls, and acceptance.

There are no external judges, no 100-page submissions from PR teams about the best deals, and no extra points for booking a £9,000 table at ROF's virtual awards ceremony while Zuckerberg rubs himself against a headset in the corner. 

Instead, it's decided by the people who work in the firm scoring how satisfied they are with the pay, the culture, the work/life balance, the management and the career development - so dive in today, and have your say.


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Bookie : Golden 💩 Odds 12 November 21 09:08

2-1 Slater and Gordon

5-2 Freeths

3-1 Womble Bond Dickinson

3-1 Dentons

4-1 Knights


Its happening, thank you Roffers 12 November 21 09:14

Glad to see "there are no dickheads" making an appearance. A KPI for trainees and new joiners/laterals.

Look forward to RoF officially adopting the "[email protected] per Capita" ratio to assist outsiders to really understand a firm's culture. 

Anon 12 November 21 09:40

I never know how to take "there are no dickheads" - it seems there are three potential realities:

1. There are genuinely no dickheads - I would find it surprising to find any single group of people that had "no dickheads"... I won't make comments on the likelihood of a group of lawyers to buck that trend.

2. It's basically an HR speak cliche employed by trainees and juniors who unlike HR can be slightly more frank - a bit like "great career development opportunities" or "collegiate environment"

3. People say, if you can't spot the idiot in the room, that means its you - I would imagine the same probably applies to the dickheads in the room... afterall, I know very few dickheads with the self-awareness to know they are in fact a dickhead!

Anon 12 November 21 10:36

When people say "there are no dickheads", I don't think they are suggesting that in a firm of 1000+ people, there are no dickheads whatsoever.  There will inevitably be at least a few dickheads in a group of people that large.  The writer is most likely conveying that their immediate team is generally bereft of dickheads.  I think the point is that if you work in a law firm and don't have any dickheads in your immediate team, you have beaten the odds.  

Although that's probably what a dickhead would say.

Anonymous 12 November 21 10:57

There is a CEO at a certain listed firm who regularly says they adopt a 'no dickheads' policy to recruitment. I always found that slightly ironic to hear him say it!  

Anonymous 12 November 21 11:38


It is easy to make fun observations about this from the outside, but I can assure you from my own experience this is no fun from the inside. I discovered my well intended actions had been misunderstood in ways I had never intended and had certainly not been able to imagine. It came to light when another partner gave me a telephone call of the kind I will not forget. I have had to do a lot of thinking.

What you intend and how you are perceived are two very different things. 

🦠 12 November 21 12:30

Promotion at a PLC is next to impossible and that’s why they are seen as bad employers. 

Interested by 10.57s comment, given the only listed firms are DWF, Knights, Ince, Keystone Law, Gateley and Rosenblatt. 


Anon 12 November 21 13:38

I found it particularly suspicious when a certain listed firm had absolutely no lawyer comments published alongside its (terrible) placement in last year’s polls.  Not one.  Across all the different categories.  

Anon 12 November 21 13:47

@11:38 I’d say that ensuring that your intentions are clear to those under your authority is a key principle of good leadership.  Glad to hear that you’ve thought about it.  Problem solved!

Anonymous 12 November 21 15:18

It's hard running a plc. I have to speak to my DLA buddy about what to charge out our partners at (whilst on the golf course) and think of creative ways to get 'my people' (no dickheads (as far as I am aware...)) back into the office (I brilliantly committed us to several long leases at a time when 'my people' were enjoying and succeeding remotely (no cheeky 9 holes for my people given they need to commute to said new offices)).  Recently I've been giving thought to charging and fixed fees - I've told 'my people' this will lead to increases in salary (just wait until they realise.....).

On to the back 9 (I didn't get to scratch by spending all my time in my offices -HA).... DB and out all

Anonymous 12 November 21 18:29


Having gone a bit acquisition happy this year, Call Me Dave probably has a few more employees than this time last year so maybe a few might be more willing to risk raising their heads above the parapet. The ones who haven't been brainwashed into the cult of DB yet, that is!

Throbber 13 November 21 09:55

Always amusing when the biggest throbber in the law talks about a “no dickheads” policy without a trace of irony.  

No class 13 November 21 11:35

Check out the garish house being built overlooking Mere golf club (ROF should get a photo).  It’s enough to put me off my stroke.

Anonymous 13 November 21 14:58


No, I am not DB but from the downvotes (and upvotes for your question) I guess few will believe me. (Plot twist: DB gave me the sole upvote!)

Anon 16 November 21 22:54

Well maybe Freeths odds will get longer now as they have given everyone a 'well being day' off after the stressful Xmas break.

Doubtful though...

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