A woman has sued her lawyers on the grounds that they failed to advise her that getting divorced would mean ending her marriage.

Jane Mulcahy, who sued her lawyers on a number of counts, is a committed Catholic. She claimed that her lawyers should have known this, and should have advised her that a divorce would mean terminating her marriage. Apparently this hadn't occurred to her.

    If I only had a brain

Lord Justice Briggs described her inevitably unsuccessful claim as "striking".
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Anonymous 28 March 14 09:23

It doesn't end her marriage in the eyes of god so if she keeps herself to herself everything should be fine.

Anonymous 28 March 14 11:55

Permission to appeal this point was refused last year. Why is this now news?

Roll On Friday 28 March 14 12:01

Although at first glace this is obvious, the family solicitor was negligent in not considering the option of judicial separation which would have been more suitable in this case.