Child & Child & some rabbit that keeps bleating on about deadlines.

Child & Child has been made the subject of a compulsory strike off notice - in error, its COO has said.

A notice warning of the imminent dissolution of the private client and residential property firm was published in the London Gazette this month after it failed to file accounts which were due by 26 June 2020.

A first Gazette notice is intended to give at least three months’ notice of the intention to strike off a company, allowing creditors and other interested parties to object if they wish.

Adil Taha, the 31-year-old Chief Operating Officer of Westminster-based Child & Child, said the notice was "Just a late account filing that is being dealt with". He later stated that "the error has been fixed...so strike off will be removed".

Taha said it was wrong to describe it as an administrative blunder, adding that "it also is not down to C&C". He declined to say who was responsible.

RollOnFriday revealed last July how Child & Child had gone bust and been bought up by five of its partners and a private equity investor. It followed a dramatic episode in which its erstwhile Senior Partner, Khalid Sharif, left the firm after his lax approach to vetting clients was exposed in the Panama Papers scandal, and he was fined £45,000 by the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Child & Child collapsed owing £2.3m, with unsecured creditors set to receive no more than 5p in the pound after the management buyout.

Taha and solicitor Golnaz Banan have since taken over the firm after six directors stepped down in May 2020. At the time, Taha told RollOnFriday it was simply a case of Child & Child having "adapted during COVID-19 and restructured the firm and its management". 

The COO said in May that, contrary to reports from RollOnFriday sources, "there have been no resignations whatsoever by any of the senior management and all remain working for Child & Child". 

However, three partners who had been directors were soon gone. One had started at a new firm by July, another had moved to Royds Withy King by October, and the third's LinkedIn profile stated that she had left Child & Child in April. 

"When you asked me, nobody had resigned whatsoever", Adil told RollOnFriday this week. 

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Anonymous 13 November 20 09:01

Never work for private equity - you're ordered around by some coked-up kid from a management consultancy and their timeline is 5-10 years to tart you up and sell you off. You're just a commodity.

The Panama papers is the tip of the iceberg. West End law firms are the poison in the body. Firms take money from dodgy family trust who stash their dodgy money in offshore jurisdictions. Drug dealers' latest wheeze is that instead of paying cash, you buy overpriced non-existent items on eBay or Amazon from sellers whose bank accounts are - surprise-surprise - in the BVI, Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The Russia report criticised the law firm "enablers" of political interference for similar reasons. We need to clean ourselves up.

Anonymous 13 November 20 10:09

Yes, one should never work at a West End firm. They're all bent and crooked as nine bob notes.

Far better to spend one's days in a reputable City firm where you can take squeaky clean Saudi and Chinese money all day long with nary a need to inspect one's conscience for blemishes. Everyone knows that the bigger the money is the cleaner it gets.

Anonymous 13 November 20 18:35

Surprised to see negativity here - nothing but faultless service on recent matters I’ve had with them. Dealt with Khalid years ago and firm seemed a mess. Seems to have structure now and they actually return calls and pick up emails. Maybe now they are finally worth the high prices they charge. Happy to see as my late father loved this firm. 

Artemis fowl 14 November 20 05:34

Blimey, if you think the firm was a mess years ago and is better now, you need to go and sit in a dark room with a wet towel wrapped round your head!!!!!

Anonymous 17 November 20 08:23

If this firm is offered for sale / minority stake investment in a couple of years, any buyer should lift the bonnet and really kick the tyres.

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