Also making the news this week:

Divorcee Angela Stahl of Berlin called the emergency services over 100 times in the hope of finding a new husband. A police spokesman said "having no boyfriend is not an emergency".



In an American personal injury case, the claimant’s solicitors requested that the defendant's lawyer Steven Leventhal be forbidden from performing magic tricks. They complained that Steven Leventhal's conjuring, which he had performed in front of the prime minister of Israel and Arnold Schwarzenegger, would be "highly prejudicial, confusing [and] misleading for the jury".




                       Steven Leventhal, not to be confused with Paul Daniels


Dewey and LeBoeuf announced redundancies this week. And also wrote to a candidate to say that he had failed to interview successfully for a job at the firm. Which was perhaps unsurprising given that he had never even applied.

Herbert Smith and Dickinson Dees are rumoured to be following in Norton Rose's footsteps and offering would be trainees cash to defer their training contracts. Although Herbies has not specified an amount, Dickinson Dees is rumoured to be offering £7,500. Reed Smith wins the booby prize after forcing all its new UK trainees to defer for at least six months. The firm won't comment on the cash, but RollOnFriday's been told that it's a paltry £2,500.



A spokeswoman for Charles Russell has confirmed that it has offered a similar deal to Ashurt's flexible working plans. Staff can volunteer for a four day week, working nine days out of ten or taking unpaid leave.



And finally, a mention to 9 Gough Square barrister Jacob Levy and his fantastic online biography. James apparently handles cases involving "Slippers, trippers, nippers, wheezers, clippers, lifters, strainers, brainers and rear-end shunters".   

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