The University of Law has drawn on the well of retro cool and advertised the opening of its Nottingham campus with a parkour video.

The energetic effort, titled "Hello Nottingham...we've arrived", features two people leaping around the city in a state of high excitement as they race to a tutorial.

"ULaw go back to 2009 to launch the new Nottingham campus with cringe parkour video", commented one couch potato. Others were more complimentary, replying, "wow so cool" and, "Is this sponsored by Ubisoft?", the company behind the acrobatic Assassin's Creed video games.

Establishing shots of a church and a signpost to the National Ice Centre let viewers know they're in for a wild ride.


The ad doesn't disappoint. Set to a phat electronic music beat, a man and a woman dash across Old Market Square, presumably happy to take a break from teaching stag parties how to jump through a tractor tyre.*

Like a teaser for a movie, it is not clear until the end what is being advertised. Also like a dystopian blockbuster, the parkour people zip past a Nandos and somersault across dilapidated concrete planters.


Triggered by her proximity to law, the woman backflips past the National Justice Museum. 


She also responds positively to Brian Clough, the celebrated manager of Nottingham Forest.


Although the circuit takes in the offices of Browne Jacobson and Cartwright King Solicitors, the students are respectful and don't backflip off their signage. 

But they do get physical on ULaw's new campus, bursting through the front doors with an enthusiasm which that entrance will never see again. Perfectly mimicking two students doing a run of shame after a night at Ocean, they sprint through the breakout area and vault some furniture.


Then literally cartwheel into their seminar. In a more accurate representation of student life, they appear to have missed it entirely, as the building is empty.


BPP is understood to be retaliating with a Fatboy Slim concert.

*A dedicated Parkour course opened in Nottingham two years ago, but its developers, inexplicably, chose not to promote it with footage of the LPC.

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exsheddie 26 July 19 08:41

you missed that their offices are the old Eversheds' offices at Royal Standard Place, lots of ghosts of fee earners past there........[shudders]

Anon-y-mous 29 July 19 15:29

The "Hello Nottingham, we've arrived" screens look like the intros to Squidge Rugby YouTube videos...

Outrageous 30 July 19 22:14

The University of Nottingham is a Russell Group research intensive non-profit charity that was established for the local good by Jesse Boot

There is absolutely no demand for a for-profit PE owned provider

What a joke

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