The University of Law has been ranked as a top ten institution for five out of eight categories in a survey completed by students.

The National Student Survey, commissioned by the Office for Students, covered student satisfaction in eight key areas this year. ULaw achieved a top ten position for five of those categories: teaching, learning opportunities, academic support, learning resources and student voice. The three categories where ULaw didn't make the top ten were assessment/feedback, organisation/management and the learning community*.

ULaw also chalked up an impressive position of 17th overall out of around 400 eligible colleges and universities across the UK. It was pipped by an eclectic top-ten of institutions ranging from The University of St Andrews, the Royal Agricultural University and the Conservatoire for Dance and Drama.

For a university or college to be included in the results, at least 50 per cent of the eligible students had to participate in the survey. Universities that failed to meet the threshold included Oxford, Cambridge and also BPP. So, sadly for ULaw, it can't claim to have bragging rights over BPP this year. Presumably the majority of BPP's students were too busy to complete the survey as they were poring over the university's dress code, or taking bets as to who their new owners might be.   


A preoccupied student misses the survey deadline

"It's so encouraging to hear our students’ positive feedback" said Professor Andrea Nollent, CEO of ULaw. She added "this result is a testament to the efforts of our highly-skilled and enthusiastic staff who use their practical legal and business experience to deliver stand-out teaching that our students clearly value and enjoy.”

*It's a thorough survey despite omitting one important category.

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Callum1234 11 July 19 15:29

ULaw is an amazing institution. I thoroughly enjoyed my time at their Bloomsbury campus. The staff were approachable and helpful, the modules stimulating and I have never studied somewhere so organised. I am glad they are getting the recognition they deserve. 

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