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A Travers Smith trainee has been banned from working in the legal profession without the SRA's permission, following a mysterious incident involving the firm's extranet.

The SRA found that Robert Fitzgerald-Crisp tried to deceive his Travers Smith colleagues "regarding his role in authorising access by a third party to one of the firm’s extranet." Exact details remain murky, although it was serious enough for the SRA to deem Fitzgerald-Crisp had been "dishonest" as he "took steps to mislead his colleagues" in respect of an email he sent to Travers Smith's IT department. The incident occurred in April 2019 when Fitzgerald-Crisp was a trainee. He left the firm in September that year, at the end of his training contract.

The SRA concluded it would be "undesirable" for Fitzgerald-Crisp to be "involved in a legal practice", and made a section 43 order against him, and directed that he pay £600 in costs. 

The order prohibits a firm or legal practice employing the former trainee, without the SRA's prior permission. Under the guidance a firm could still seek the SRA's permission to employ Fitzgerald-Crisp if it agreed to various conditions regarding his supervision and monitoring. It is understood that Fitzgerald-Crisp has now found employment outside of the legal profession.

The SRA has meted out section 43 orders in other recent cases where they found dishonesty, including a forged email to the court, and a backdated letter.  

Travers Smith declined to comment and the SRA wouldn't give further details. But if any readers know what’s happened please do get in touch.

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ShootyMcShootyface 13 November 20 09:16

Ace name, though.


Wonder if his colleagues called him "Toffee"

Anonymoose 13 November 20 10:02

"It is understood that Fitzgerald-Crisp has now found employment outside of the legal profession" - at the CMA.

@Anonymoose 13 November 20 16:52

How on earth has he found himself as a CASE OFFICE for the CMA after this?!  Beggars belief.

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