A trainee solicitor has appeared in court after spitting on a bouncer. 

The Glasgow Sheriff Court heard that in July 2018 trainee solicitor Carly MacDonough had been at a music festival in Glasgow with a friend Gavin Savage. The pair headed to a bar in town and had had a skinful when Savage got into an altercation with another customer. The prosecution told the court that when bouncers intervened, Savage became "aggressive" and hurled insults at them, calling them "fat bastards" and "jobsworths".   

According to a report in the Evening Times, MacDonough admitted in court to also acting in an aggressive manner towards the bouncers and spitting at one of them. Savage called a taxi to leave with MacDonough, but staff alerted the police. When officers arrived at the scene, the pair were deemed too drunk to be charged immediately. 

The defending solicitor said that trainee MacDonough, who has held various roles at the same firm for a decade, was aware that the case was a "threat to her career".

Sheriff Gerard Bonnar lambasted the pair saying that they should be "ashamed", adding that their behaviour gave "an appalling impression" of Glasgow.


How it should have looked.

The court slapped MacDonough and Savage with a fine of £350, a reduced sum which took into account their guilty pleas.

MacDonagh is not the first lawyer to have got carried away after an afternoon with the beer monkey. 

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FmrCityLawFirmWorker 21 June 19 02:46

Presuming Scottish SRA equivalent/Law Society of Scotland is lining up a case, will highly publicize that this individual will be barred from ever entering the profession, claim all court costs...?

Sumoking 21 June 19 08:47

seems like a relatively minor mistake to lose a career 10 years in the making, especially given how lightly assault by "partners" is treated. 

Anonymous 21 June 19 09:17

What ever happened to the London silk who had an al fresco knee trembler after a hearty lunch and then claimed assault?  That all seems to have gone rather quiet.

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