One of America's most famous lawyers has taken his revenge on his former partners from beyond the grave.

Norman Sheresky was a partner at Sheresky, Aronson, Mayefsky & Sloan, the New York divorce lawyers of choice to the likes of Katie Holmes and Dustin Hoffmann. But that was until things turned sour in 2010 and Sheresky filed a $26m claim against his own partners claiming breach of contract.

Sheresky died on 19th October aged 85. And, the New York Post reports, he left strict instructions that his former partners be banned from his funeral. Although if had they been able to attend, they would have been treated to an airing of a video made in happier times when Sheresky turned 80, in which they fawn that "we love each other. It goes beyond our professional relationship - the way relatives love each other".

    To humiliate his partners

All but one of Sheresky's claims against his partners were thrown out in 2011.
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