Extraordinary CCTV footage has emerged showing a lawyer beating his female staff.

Last year leaked audio appeared to catch Samuel Seow, the managing partner of Samuel Seow Law Corporation in Singapore, berating and yelling at staff, one of whom was his niece.

A police report was filed against the entertainment lawyer, but the investigation was subsequently dropped. At the time, according to a report in the Straits Times Singapore, Seow admitted to slapping his niece, saying "I shouldn't have done that to be honest". But, he added, "if you put a recording device in any family on a bad day, I don't think all of us would be proud of every single moment".

Now video footage has emerged taken from a fixed point CCTV camera in the office which captures an awful lot of those moments.

In the first video of the incident in April last year, Seow is seen slapping a female employee (apparently his niece) on the forehead and pushing her.

In the second video, he chases the young woman across the office, pushes her against a box and grabs her. He repeatedly yells, "She beat me!" to which she responds, "He keeps attacking me".

There is a seven minute gap in the footage between the first and second video. Even if his niece attacked him with brass knuckles in the interim, it would be difficult to justify Seow's subsequent behaviour. He is seen slapping, chasing and yanking her across the office.

Staff try to calm their employer and can be heard in the footage telling him to "cool down", while another begs, "Please boss". But they are apparently too stunned or subservient to properly restrain Seow, who shoulder-barges his niece to the floor.

Another female employee repeatedly tells Seow to stop, telling him, "This is an office, not a fighting match". Seow responds, "She beat me", to which the female employer replies, "You are a guy, ok...she's just a girl". Seow reacts by shoving her to the floor.

Seow provided the following statement to a Singapore news site, Mothership, regarding the new footage: 

"I am unsure what the people who continually post edited sound clips and videos are trying to achieve. I had admitted that there was an issue in my office last year, and will leave the police to reach their findings. Being an entrepreneur is never easy and juggling between finding the work, feeding people and paying salaries on time is a constant struggle. As someone who has three companies to manage, I do get stressed up. It’s not an excuse but it’s been a year and the relevant people have made peace and wish for this to be behind us. I hope to find closure with this issue soon, so I can move on with my life after my mistake from a year ago, so that the people who are constantly and conscientiously seeking to damage me can finally also, rest peacefully."

RollOnFriday asked Seow how he thought the CCTV had been edited given it comprises an apparently unedited stream of video. He did not respond. 

A spokesman for the Singapore Law Society would not confirm whether Seow was being investigated, telling RollOnFriday that disciplinary proceedings were "confidential under the Legal Profession Act". However, he said that the Law Society "does not condone any form of abuse" and that "any infringement could be subject to the statutory investigatory and disciplinary process".

The two videos of Seow as Crouching Tiger, Slapping Lawyer can be seen here:


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Rini 03 May 19 23:19

To Evelyn

This does happen in the UK law firms . It's just not everyone has the privilege to have a video footage of the abuses they go through evryday.

I suffered it first hand.

Anon 05 May 19 01:35

Suffered similar type of abuse as a junior (male) lawyer. Punched in the stomach, bear hugs, verbal threats of death. All by a recognised psychopath who was ultimately promoted so that he could be moved to another office. It never pays to speak up.

Anonymous 05 May 19 09:00

Had the lawyer who punched you been diagnosed as a psychopath, or are you using the term as a figure of speech?

Anon 06 May 19 07:27

If the Singapore regulator doesn’t strike off this person, then it is a disgrace.  This is not a single one off outburst (which would be bad enough) but a repeated behaviour and a sustained assault.   If it happened here, the person would be subject to criminal charges and struck off.    

The man has clearly got some very serious mental health issues.