Twin sisters who work at a Dubai law firm are facing jail after being charged with assaulting a police officer.

Alena and Sasha Parker, 37, originally from Belarus, paid their way through college in London by staring in a number of adult movies:


Neither of them qualified, although it has been widely reported that they refer to themselves as lawyers. Both currently work for Dubai firm Al Safar, where Alena is described as a senior consultant and Sasha as a case manager. According to the firm's website Alena passed the LPC at the University of Westminster and Sasha has a Bachelors in Law, Government and Politics and a diploma in real estate law from the London School of Law [is this a place? Ed]).

Years of undertaking degrading and painful acts for a living - and also working in the porn industry - have clearly taken their toll on the pair. The numerous photos they have splashed online showing off their glamorous, expat lifestyle make them look more like botox-dependent rejects from Love Island than legal advisors:


Still, the fruits of their labours appear to include rolex watches:


Diamond rings:


And lots of partying:


Possibly rather too much partying. The Dubai Misdemeanours Court heard last week that the sisters had been arrested  for "roguish behaviour" . Police were called when the pair got drunk on a night out and started behaving "outrageously". When they refused to cooperate the officer asked a female colleague to guard them whilst he fetched handcuffs. The policewoman claims that she was then attacked, scratched and pushed to the floor, injuring her elbow and head. The Parkers were charged and, at a preliminary hearing, pleaded not guilty to charges of 'insulting, resisting arrest by and physically assaulting a policewoman'. They deny the charges and are currently on bail.

Al Safar did not respond to a request for comment.
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Anonymous 10 May 18 11:01

Interesting how appearance and history unrelated to the case influence the reporting and the comments. In other circumstances both the article and the comments would be crying out that the charges were a set up because nice British solicitor gels couldn't possibly get drunk and punch a copper.