The Scottish Justice Minister is considering opening courts on Saturdays in order to deal with Friday night piss-heads.

The number of Scots who get tired and emotional towards the end of the week is apparently a big problem for the local police. Drunk offenders have to be kept in police cells until they sober up and can be hauled into court. Les Gray, Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation, told the Herald that "in some cases people can be kept in a police cell from a Thursday night through to a Monday morning".

Apparently police stations are so full of inebriated criminals that some suspects have to be driven to quieter nicks over a hundred miles away. So new plans have been put forward to run the courts on Saturdays and clear the backlog.

    Some inebriated Scotsmen yesterday 

They could come into force within two years. Gray said that "anything that dispenses quicker justice, deters crime and saves money has to be welcomed".

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