This week's top legal website comes courtesy of Gillian Howard, employment specialist and self-confessed "rottweiler with a handbag".

Howard's website features pictures of an accessorised attack dog and of her looking sechsy in a ball gown in someone else's house:

A rottweiler with a handbag yesterday
  Gillian Howard relaxing in someone else's house yesterday
The rest of her site reads alarmingly like a card in a phone box: "I offer a unique service... a very personal and dedicated service... make myself available day or night... nothing is too small to handle" etc etc fnarr fnarr.

But to be fair she's clearly got some proper skills given the long line of big name cases she's won. And given her galactic rates: she charges a chunky £400 per hour, which increases to a profession-topping £800 per hour if she's contacted outside of working hours (9am to 6pm). Even Nigel Boardman doesn't manage that.

Readers wanting to instruct Howard can get in touch here. Just do so before 6:00pm.

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LauraP 10 February 12 13:21

But she wasn't in her ballgown and diamonds then....Gillian Howard has laughed in the face of the recession.

Anonymous 14 February 12 15:54

It would appear she married Frank Butcher's brother - check out the link in her website to her husband, Barry.

Judging by the lame comment and typo at 15:24 on 11/02/12, it would appear she isn't beneath self-promotion via this website.

Anonymous 15 February 12 08:06

Her home page now boasts "Gillian Howard named Top Legal Web Site by Roll on Friday". Impressive.

Anonymous 22 April 12 15:51

is that necklace photoshopped too? It doesn't quite seem to go all the way around her neck...

Anonymous 26 February 13 00:44

@15.24 "Amazing lawyer.." look carefully at the profile: "I am a non-solicitor regulated by Claims management Regulation, Ministry of Justice". She is NOT a lawyer at all, despite the fact that her terms and conditions are headed "Gillian Howard Employment Lawyer".