best law firms to work at 2023

Feel calmer, cleaner, purged of neural toxins.

If you work in a law firm then it's time to make your vote count in the RollOnFriday Best Law Firms to Work At 2023 survey.

The anonymous poll takes 30 seconds to complete. You'll need to rate how satisfied you are with your pay, your career development, your work/life balance, your office, your management, and your firm's culture. 

It is a big survey with thousands of entries, and the results are treated accordingly as the definitive guide to the firms which are outstanding places to be, the ones which are doing fine, those requiring improvement, and the handful whose workforces are so dissatisfied the firms should be placed into special measures and the boards dealt a spanking.

The survey is open to everyone who works in a firm, from solicitors to Managing Partners to PAs. There are no firm-led submissions or deal summaries. It's just ROF's Excel spreadsheet chimp totting up the scores you give your firm. It means a boutique has as much chance of landing high in the rankings as a global powerhouse, and a regional stalwart with a chilled work/life balance can best a US firm which showers its lawyers in money. 

Give your firm good marks in the areas where it's nourished you, and it could be crowned RollOnFriday Law Firm of the Year 2023, taking over from reigning champ Burges Salmon. Ascribe lower marks in the areas where your firm has failed to please you and, if it comes out as the worst performer overall, it will be anointed the Golden Turd, relieving Knights of the ignominious title after a year in the stocks.

Have your say, be honest, enjoy the catharsis, and take the survey today.


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Anonymous 04 November 22 09:06

The perfect time to remind people about the Womble Bond Dickinson core values — integrity, devotion to clients and respect for the individual — which is how we've cemented our reputation as industry forerunners, leading our profession by example.

Anonymous 04 November 22 10:14

I have genuine concern and pity for the youngsters (and the old men on bicycles) being whipped to the embattled frontlines at regimes such as The S&G. The entire industry is in the bunker.

Thoughtful on Friday 04 November 22 10:37

Is there a reason Horwich Farrelly (now known as HF) aren’t included in the list of firms?

@Thoughtful 04 November 22 13:54

Because nobody knows who they are and the picture of the CEO on their website shows he either lacks the wherewithal to iron a shirt or has been sleeping rough?

Anonymous 04 November 22 13:55

In last year’s survey highlight was a BDB Pitmans lawyer complaining about “Partners clipping their toe nails in an open plan office”.

Yes, in the plural. 


Anonymous 05 November 22 08:21

Excellent. An opportunity to provide feedback on our firm being terrible.

Which is ignored by our firm and no changes are made to improve working conditions. 

Or if addressed the negative feedback is passed off as being anonymous hatred submitted by our jealous competitors. 

Anonymous 05 November 22 08:22

Moore Blatch doesn’t exist any more. They took over Batlow Robbins. The firm is now called Moore Barlow.  Not surprised that you haven’t noticed though as the marketing team are useless.

Anonymous 06 November 22 21:18

Just in case you forgot, “Womble Bond Dickinson were pioneers for the adoption of electronic signature in the legal sector”. 

When other firms didn’t have any clue what to do, Wombles stepped in to “crusade the use of the e-signature to make things easier for lawyers and their clients”.

And they’ve hardly even showed off about it here:

Anonymous 07 November 22 03:19

The Roll on Friday survey is the best in the business. 

Obviously the losers never accept the result, but it always broadly correlates with what the market is saying. 

Bavid Deech 07 November 22 14:51

Remember valued employees Knights now provides complimentary fruit to all staff - what is more incentivising than a healthy lifestyle? 

Anonymous 08 November 22 10:31

A reminder for marketing staff that the results are anonymous, when you get home you can write what you really think! 

Bastard child 05 December 22 20:38

Are Child & Child still solvent? Last I heard they were less liquid than a square mile of Death Valley.

Anon 19 December 22 12:48

@ Anonymous 04 November 22 09:06: “respect for the individual” - is that some sort of sick joke? Womble Bond Dickinson drives it’s employees to suicide

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