Don't feel left out of the RollOnFriday Firm of the Year 2020 survey if you're not in private practice. The RollOnFriday In-House Lawyer Survey 2020 has also launched.

It gives in-house lawyers the opportunity to spill the beans on the best and worst firms they instructed in the last year, the perks from panel firms they enjoyed or endured, and what they value most in a firm.

In last year's poll, in-house lawyers said the most important quality was not a good rapport, or fat bribes, but simply the quality of what they were told. "I’ll be the one presenting the advice to our business", said a respondent. "So if it’s wrong, I’ll be the one who looks like an eggy-faced pillock.”


"Not instructing you again. Or you. Or you."

Pricing, however, came bottom. "I made the mistake of instructing lawyers who came in cheaper," said one client. "Only to find that they couldn't provide meaningful advice. Now, I don't mind paying a premium." Diversity was also not terribly important, although, "obviously I’m not going to instruct a bunch of racists”, said a respondent. 

If you're in-house and agree, or disagree, chime in by taking the poll. If you want to stop being taken to the rugby, or the opera, or Wetherspoons, don't forget to describe the perks you loved and loathed as well.

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