29 June 2018
A tipster has accused a northern firm of harbouring rapists and racists.

RollOnFriday readers are a valuable source of stories (via the tips page), but the author of this gossip will have to settle for a redacted version of her review. Partly because RollOnFriday was unable to verify the eye-popping claims, and partly because you wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of this bunch if what she says is true.

A big thanks to that firm's former Managing Partner for having his wife write in.
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Roll On Friday 06 Jul 18

That could be any one of about 4 of the LIPs that I have in the "save for summer interns" pile

Anonymous 06 Jul 18

once on the sex offenders register you are on for life, so clearly this is a bitter ex colleague/client who is just bitching

Anonymous 06 Jul 18

It is so badly written and incoherent I am not sure I would even have given it credence for RoF purposes.

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