Did they? No, no, no, yes, yes, no.

A new batch of solicitors has swept to victory in the general election, although most of those with private practice backgrounds had to stand on a stage and be announced as the loser.


For Labour, personal injury lawyer Warinder Juss blitzed the opposition in the newly-created constituency of Wolverhampton West, where he currently works at trade union specialist Thompsons Solicitors. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the firm's Labour-leaning clients, Thompsons staff joined Juss to knock on doors. As predicted, he won handily with 44% of the vote.


In Mid-Sussex, the name recognition of Kingsley Napley wasn’t enough to push Dave Rowntree, a former criminal solicitor from the firm, over the top. Rowntree also works in a band but, unlike Juss, neither Damon Albarn nor the one who makes cheese helped him out on the doorsteps and he came third behind the victorious Lib Dems and the Conservative candidate.


Sophia Adams Bhatti was the head of ‘Purpose and Impact’ at Simmons & Simmons, but she left the firm just before the election was called. The Labour hopeful was contesting St Albans, which was held by the Lib Dems, and came in third just ahead of the Reform candidate.

Labour had other winning lawyers on its lists. Lucy Rigby, a partner at Hausfeld, turfed out the Conservative incumbent in Northampton North for her party. Labour's share of the vote actually increased by just 1.4%, but the Conservatives' dropped by 20% after Reform took them out at the knees.

Capsticks senior associate Joanna Howard stood for Labour in the Tory stronghold of Christchurch, but she couldn't usurp Sir Christopher Chope, who's been its MP since 1997. The regulatory lawyer placed fourth behind the resurgent Lib Dems and Reform.


On the Tory side, Mhairi Fraser was Sunak’s pick for Epsom and Ewell. Fraser left White & Case in January and has been working on her candidacy full-time. 

Fraser campaigned on the back of her legal career, explaining to voters that "as an international anti-corruption lawyer by trade, specialising in bribery, fraud, money laundering and sanctions, Mhairi is determined to bring integrity and accountability back to politics, and is committed to running a clean and respectful campaign".

She came in second to the Lib Dems, who took the seat from the Tories as part of their impressive country-wide gains.


Sarah Bool, a senior associate at Forsters, may have to hand over her real estate matters. Despite a drop in over 20% of the vote, she proved the bookies right and took South Northamptonshire for the Conservatives, becoming one of the party’s few new MPs. 

Before Forsters, Bool trained and worked at Clifford Chance for more than five years, but her campaign profile focused more on her passion for ballroom dancing, along with her "Gold Medal" for "(solo) acting" - and her involvement in the Forsters choir.


It wasn’t such a vintage night in Eastleigh for former Freshfields associate and Tory candidate Sam Joynson, where his party's share of the vote dropped 20% and saw him lose the seat to the Lib Dems. Reform was, as across the country, a large part of the problem, taking 13% of the vote. For those wishing to commiserate, "He is often found walking along the Itchen River path".

Akhmed Mahood, who ROF revealed in April had made misogynistic remarks on a podcast (it was picked up by the mainstream press two months later), did not win in Birmingham Ladywood where he was campaigning as a pro-Gaza independent. Labour's shadow justice secretary, Shabana Mahmood, beat the Maurice Andrew Solicitors director by a slim margin of 3,421. 

Mehreen Malik had a big task ahead of her: the Mayer Brown senior associate, who is the firm's London head of pro bono, contested Kier Starmer's seat in Holborn and St Pancras for the Conservatives. As you may have guessed from the lack of news alerts on your phone, she didn't pull off a shock victory over the incoming PM, placing fourth with just under 3,000 votes.

Clifford Chance senior associate and Tory candidate Oliver Carroll, a disputes specialist, suffered an upset in Altrincham, where Labour was victorious with over 20,000 votes. Carroll came second with over 16,000 votes and might have just clinched a win but for Reform, the Tories' election krytonite, which took 4,900 votes.

Thanks to the count watchers who alerted us to these new solicitor MPs, too:

  • Ben Maguire, who trained at Ince & Co, was elected Lib Dem MP for North Cornwall.
  • John Grady, until recently a partner at Shepherd and Wedderburn in Scotland, won Glasgow East for Labour.
  • Alex McIntyre, who trained at Hogan Lovells before becoming an employment associate at DAC Beachcroft, stood and won for Labour in Gloucester. 

If your colleague stood, let ROF know and we'll add their victory/loss. Or take our survey of your voting intentions. Did Ed Davey's stunts sway you, did Kier's steady hand appeal, or did you fancy Farage taking hold of your future? 

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Anonymous 05 July 24 08:36

Good to see lawyers in this important role. 

I hope they’ll have the confidence to take the SRA and Law Society to task for recent failures.


LondonLife 05 July 24 10:10

You're missing Mehreen Malik for Holborn and St Pancras constituency - she is at Mayer Brown (although she was against Starmer, so no surprise she didn't win). She was sadly also beaten by an independent and Green Party.

Finchley 05 July 24 10:18

Sarah Sackman - barrister - is now Labour MP for Finchley. 

Possibly a dangerous seat after the last MP's office was firebombed, apparently over his support for Israel. 

Anonymous 05 July 24 11:10

Two MPs used to work for Wombles (Darren Jones and Catherine Mckinnell). Despite this, both appear to have a social conscience. 

Actually maybe it’s too early to draw that conclusion. I’m yet to see either directly criticise what happened to the subpostmasters at the hands of that firm.  Indeed, the latter still seems willing to accept their hospitality. 

Norf London Nerd 05 July 24 11:31

Matrix barrister Sarah Sackman won Mrs Thatcher’s Finchley for Labour.  Great lawyer, lovely person and not a weirdo.

Anonymous 05 July 24 11:33

Gavin Haran (Macfarlanes, Tories) lost Southend East & Rochford. Pity - very nice guy.

Anonymoose 05 July 24 11:33

You have missed Lucy Rigby, partner of Hausfeld. Elected as MP of Northampton North. 

Anonymous 05 July 24 12:04

"Sarah Sackman won Mrs Thatcher’s Finchley for Labour.  Great lawyer, lovely person and not a weirdo."

... and she has yet to condemn the ongoing GENOCIDE in Gaza. Which shows you precisely how much she really cares about human rights!

Paul Nicholls 05 July 24 13:49

Warinder is an old mate of mine from Thompson's days. An absolutely lovely bloke, great lawyer, and all round good egg. I'm really proud of him. 

1110 05 July 24 14:17

yes 1110. Darren Jones did some work i think when a Womble for PO? Perhaps he can clarify? Hopefully Labour get after the Wombles 

firstdarren 05 July 24 16:10

Hopefully Sir Keir appoints former Womble lawyer and first Darren to be in the Cabinet as Minister for Post Office and he can help clear up the mess his firm Wombles help create .

J 05 July 24 16:15

John Grady energy regulation partner at shepherd and wedderburm elected for labour Glasgow east

Anonymous 05 July 24 18:26

Thought Mhairi Fraser looked familiar from somewhere.  Can't say I'm upset at the result.

Louisa Rea 05 July 24 20:33

Jon Pearce who won for Labour in High Peak is a former Bates Wells and Hempsons solicitor.

QwertyQq 05 July 24 21:59

Anonymous @ 11.33, I think it is superfluous to say that the Macfarlanes candidate is a Tory. 

xwombler 06 July 24 11:31

yes Cabinet Minister Darren Jones was a Womble lawyer . From what i remember he was not directly involved with the Horizon litigation but may have done some non contentious work for PO.  I  suspect the timing of Inquiry conclusions could be uncomfortable for Darren as he will be looking for promotion when findings come out. He will no doubt hope that The Wombles have been taken over and their name history for ever. However having Wombles on your cv will be a stone around anyone's neck . I am sure Darren will be very aware and tread very carefully around his time with the toxic Wombles. 

Left bites back 06 July 24 12:09

Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott back in Parliament, despite some horrible negative campaigning from the pro-Israel lobby.

hotpototoe 06 July 24 13:22

My advice for these politicians is to get in front foot and be vocal about Wombles part in the biggest legal  of all time otherwise someone will fill the gaps in for you. 

Not gebocide 06 July 24 16:18

Reply to Anonymous 05 July 24 12:04:

Given you're a lawyer/wanting to become one, you might want to read the judgements of the ICC on Israel's "genocide". You'll soon realise that the legal definition of 'genocide' has not been met. So im guessing you have your own definition of what a "genocide" is - a definition that frankly no one cares about. Cheers.

countryaboveparty 07 July 24 10:01

Given the Primeminisiter's promise to be judged on actions not words I suspect Mr Jones will be keeping a very clear distance between himself and the Wombles . The Wombkes could take him down and he is an ambitious politician. He will call them out for what they are unkind and no morals and no place in our modern legal system looking forward . Decent Wombles know the game is up and should not be looking to Mr Jones to save them. Not fair on Mr Jones and his electorate and leader just won't tolerate it.


newbrooms 07 July 24 13:20

hopefully the new MP's will have a new approach to making sure sub postmasters now get justice and stop the repugnant gravy train for the Wombles . As a former Womble lawyer Darren Jones certainly needs to be very transparent about it all. 

number two 07 July 24 13:51

as number two at the treasury Darren Jones can find £62 million pound savings immediately by asking his old firm The Wombles to give back the cash it has wrongly taken from the taxpayer in the worse ever legal injustice in history . As Sir Keir said actions not words . Nice one Daz. 

Hey, Nonny Mouse! 07 July 24 20:35

You neglected to mention Laura Bailhache. Nice to see the institutional misogyny and leftiness of the UK media continues!!!

Anon 08 July 24 11:17

I'm not a Labour supporter but I used to work with Sophia and she would have been great.

jobs for the boys 08 July 24 11:37

be interested to see how much work Wombles is given by government departments now  they have 2 MP s on board. Surely they won't touch Wombles with a barge pole or is this another scandal in the waiting? 

firstdarren 09 July 24 11:23

Darren Jones new Cabinet member needs to have a very wide berth from Wombles. They are very keen to play up their association with him .  Very keen! Wombles see inland wind power lifting ban as a big opportunity for them . Given this policy comes form Darren's Treasury department he needs to tread very carefully . His time at Wombles could come back to bite him. Watch this space . 

clear this new mp 09 July 24 13:40

Best way for new Cabinet Minister Darren Jones MP to clear this up is for his Office to reply to

1. Did Darren undertake any work for Post Office whilst he worked for the Wombles?

2. What input,if  any, did the Wombles have into the policy on lifting the ban on inshore wind farm developement


My guess is that the answer to 1 is likely to be a lot tricker for Darren than 2.


But given what new PM says about Labour Darren must come forward without any further hesitation and be very clear about what work if any he undertook for the Post Office whilst he was a Womble

Anonymous 09 July 24 15:48

Is that the same Darren Jones MP who tweeted “Well done @WBD_UK for winning the contribution to the community award.”

Is their contribution to the community to have been involved in litigation which tore families apart over many years? Or is it that there’s less taxpayers’ money for public services because we have to pay compensation to the people @WBD_UK victimised? 

Anonymous 09 July 24 16:04

Hey! Not Gebocide 06 July 24 16:18!

A few more people care than you would like us all to believe.


UN experts declare famine has spread throughout Gaza strip | OHCHR

“GENEVA (9 July 2024) – The recent deaths of more Palestinian children due to hunger and malnutrition leaves no doubt that famine has spread across the entire Gaza strip, a group of independent experts* said today...

We declare that Israel’s intentional and targeted starvation campaign against the Palestinian people is a form of genocidal violence and has resulted in famine across all of Gaza. We call upon the international community to prioritise the delivery of humanitarian aid by land by any means necessary, end Israel’s siege, and establish a ceasefire.”

trusting 09 July 24 18:33

Trust in new MP and new Government was the key theme of PM first day in Commons. So please can Darren Jones clarify if he did any work for Post Office when he was employed by the Wombles ? 

Ob-servant 10 July 24 19:28

Sarah Sackman - barrister - is now Labour MP for Finchley.” “Matrix barrister Sarah Sackman won Mrs Thatcher’s Finchley for Labour.” 
Is now Solicitor General, under the new Attorney General, (Matrix barrister) Sir Richard Hermer. 

Anon of Epsom & Ewell 11 July 24 18:05

Mhairi Fraser losing in Epsom & Ewell on a Conservative ticket is staggering. The seat has been solid blue since the 1800's.

ICC ruling 12 July 24 07:31

With an AG who admitted in 2023 that he has family members in the IDF and Solicitor General who has openly declared her support for Israel, what do you think the chances are of Tzipi Livni or Bibi getting arrested under the ICC arrest warrant?

Yet again, one rule for law for the world, another for Israel...

And yes - cutting off food, water and medical aid from 2m people and bombing them as they sleep is genocide. If you start from the answer "everything Israel does is lawful" rather than asking the question, then caring about the truth.

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