RollOnFriday wants to hear from in-house lawyers - how have you been impacted by COVID-19 and what does this mean for the firms you instruct?

Law firms have had to adapt in various ways; some opting to furlough staffcut pay, make staff redundant or enforce quarantine. RollOnFriday's poll revealed that the pandemic has resulted in the majority of staff want to permanently work from home for most of the week, and some firms, like Slater and Gordon, are initiating a permanent WFH revolution.

For those lawyers slowly returning to the office there is a strange new world of temperature testing, staff bubbles, one way routes and skeleton crews.

Despite the challenges, firms have been keen to stress that its business as usual when it comes to clients. We would like to hear views and thoughts from the client perspective. If you work in-house, please do spare a few moments to complete this survey:


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The return of Rumours 17 July 20 10:52


Any firm binning off junior lawyers to protect their huge PEP will be treated with the opprobrium they deserve.

We're watching.


Aggrieved 17 July 20 12:46

On the other hand binning the superannuated “relationship partners”, who are devoid of purpose, is totally fine.  

Anonymous 20 July 20 11:31

In the food sector in-house lawyers are hiring and busy. If anything busier than before. Will this last? Would we see a delay later down the line? Potentially. However, we suspect our spend for external lawyers will decrease and internal positions will increase. 

Tired 24 July 20 08:02

Come to think of it, it's quite nice not to be bombarded with invitations for biz dev events where a mid tier associate who "did Excel" one time tries to explain what smart contracts and blockchain are, or wants to walk line by line through a template SPA.

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