An Ohio lawyer who decided to drop his trousers (US: pants) and pants (US: grundles) in a counselling session for teenagers has found himself facing two misdemeanour counts of public indecency.

A group of male teenagers met Thomas Walkley to discuss their court-ordered community service in a Christian outreach cafe he founded to help troubled kids. Only they got a bit more than they bargained for, as Walkley reportedly babbled on about "sad, dark things", told the boys he wanted them to "think differently", and then dropped his keks (US: underjockies) in front of them.

    Walkley wearing no pants yesterday

And it did indeed seem to make his young charges think differently of Walkley: they called the police. Walkley explained that his flashing was "part of our program", insisting that his motives were educational and not sexual. He also admitted to having exposed himself in previous sessions, with the explanation that "radical times call for radical measures".

Quite what the educational benefits might be of seeing the junk in Walkley's trunk remains unclear.

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