Norton Rose has confirmed that it has contacted all the students who were due to join the firm in 2009 and 2010 and offered them up to £10,000 to defer their start dates.

A spokesman for the firm told RollOnFriday that those who still wanted to start on their appointed date could still do so, but those who were happy to defer for up to a year would get the grant if they came up with something "meaningful and constructive" to do in their time off.


A future Norton Rose trainee

Apparently there's been a great deal of interest in the deal, with students looking at travelling, joining Operation Raleigh, learning languages or sitting on their arses taking masters degrees. Norton Rose told RollOnFriday that it wanted to make sure that all its trainees were kept busy and had an equal chance of being able to qualify into their department of choice. It confirmed that it currently had no plans for redundancies.

Norton Rose isn't the first City firm to ask trainees to defer, but RollOnFriday scientists believe this is the biggest wedge offered so far. If any readers have been made an offer by their firms please use the button below to share the details in complete confidence.

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