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Morrison & Foerster is paying its London associates a 'thank you' bonus of up to £12,500.

The special appreciation bonus is being awarded to staff by the US firm for their "extraordinary efforts and commitment" in 2020.

Sources at MoFo said that, "despite historically unique challenges", the firm had turned in a strong performance globally and in London. 

The size of the special appreciation bonus for associates were based on seniority rather than hours, and ranges from £5,000 to £12,500.

Trainees and business support services are also receiving SABs, while MoFo's normal bonus programs are remaining in place and will continue in addition to the Covid thank you money. 

A MoFo spokesperson said, "we awarded a special appreciation bonus to associates and trainee solicitors to recognise their extraordinary efforts and commitment to our clients and communities throughout 2020, balancing the demands of remote work with pressing family obligations, and other challenges, during the pandemic". 

It says a lot about MoFo. Watch this space to see if other firms who turn out to have done rather well in the plague years make similar payouts.

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Anonymous 30 January 21 13:46

Is this their equivalent of the “COVID” bonuses paid out by big US firms? If so, those firms were paying up to $40,000 and made payment in December. So pretty poor from MoFo (if it considers itself a big US firm), and  White & Case (which I am sure considers itself a big US firm). I’m not sure these firms should be celebrated for doing less for their employees than others. 

Being John Malkovich 02 February 21 02:08

Which US firms matched the Davis polk scale for special bonuses in London? K&E, Milbank?

Flickers 02 February 21 13:02

My COVID bonus was redundancy, the difference between steadying the ship and being the first into the lifeboat!

Anonymous 02 February 21 22:17


im not sure whether Kirkland did or not. I heard not initially but presumably the uproar that it created forced their hand. I do know Milbank, Simpson Thatcher, Paul Hastings and Akin Gump did. 

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