Salans and SNR Denton are rumoured to be on the point of merger. The two firms would combine to create a many-headed hydra turning over about £750 million. According to the rumours, first revealed in The Lawyer, management of both firms have been locked in a cupboard since the end of 2011 and a deal is now close.

SNRD is still in the honeymoon period from the merger of Sonnenschien and Denton Wilde Sapte. That tie-up seems to have bedded in reasonably well (except for the many qualifying trainees allegedly about to be dumped). But profits have sunk through the floor and any hopes that 2012 might see a return to form could be dashed by the logistical nightmare of another drawn out deal.

    Merging with the French. How it definitely won't look.

Salans is pretty anonymous in the UK market, preferring to waft scarves and smoke noxious cigarettes in the boulevards of Paris where it has a far stronger reputation. Worldwide, the firm has 22 offices from glamorous Almaty to bohemian Bratislava and would give the merged firms a major international presence when combined with SNRD's 60 offices (which include major centres such as Walnut Creek and Short Hills).

As usual both firms were cagey in their response. Salans didn't respond at all, and a spokesman for SNRD would only say that "we enjoy strong relationships with many law firms around the world. However, we never comment on rumours about specific discussions or our continuing efforts to enhance SNR Denton’s already robust global presence with locations in over 40 countries"

So that's all suitably mysterious. All that remains is for a potential name for the new firm. Send your suggestions to the usual place.
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Anonymous 17 February 12 09:56

My cryptic crossword anagram solver suggests Annals Nerd Snots.

A credit on the new letterhead is all I ask in return.

Anonymous 17 February 12 09:57

Rumour has it that they've wedged in some trainees in a desperate attempt to keep numbers up around 50%, for the second time in a row.

SalaNaR Dentans

Anonymous 19 February 12 13:18

Saladent. Although that could be a brand of toothpaste so I'd have the firms' IP departments look into it first..