Mayer Brown has offered future trainees cash to defer for a year, rather than start their training contracts.

A week ago, RollOnFriday reported that Wragges was offering prospective trainees £5,000 to spend a year on a beach rather than in the reprographics room. Surprisingly perhaps, not a single one of the firm's class of 24 accepted the money, and all will start in September as expected.

And now Mayer Brown has joined the fray, as spotted by Legal Week. Rather more generously, the firm has offered £10,000 to its 47 future trainees (that's the next four intakes), which should be plenty to fund a year of new moon parties and beach huts in Zanzibar. The firm confirmed that only three individuals - all from the class of September 2013 - have so far taken the money after the firm "asked for a small number of volunteers". But with redundancies and a potential merger with SJ Berwin hitting the headlines, it's probably not a bad idea to be far, far away.

    Tough choices for Mayer Brown trainees

Tight trading conditions for the entire sector mean that there may not be enough work to keep whole intakes busy. And while trainees may be keen to get stuck into their training contracts, will there be enough jobs in 2015? It could be deferral is not such a bad option.
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Anonymous 20 July 12 13:00

Take the money and do something useful with the year like learning a language.

Starting later = more chance you're going to be kept on.

Plus when you're 50 you're unlikely to be kicking yourself wishing you hadn't taken that year off.