A Swedish firm's advert which resembles a comic book movie has been hoovering up Scandinavian fans who like to see lawyers in spandex.

MAQs Law cast its own staff in its straight-to-Youtube release, MAQS Justice, which comes complete with a tragic flashback, colourful villains and, like any decent blockbuster/law firm, a climax featuring solicitors shooting electricity out of their hands at legal documents.

For those unable or unwilling to watch, RollOnFriday has pulled out screenshots and dialogue. Spoiler alert: it is like 11-year-olds pretending to be Batman.

To the haunting strains of a clarinet, a young girl is turfed onto the streets as a landlord rips up her family's tenancy agreement and a mysterious fat man laughs in the shadows.

    "Ever since I was a child I've seen injustice. The world is saturated by it. There's something out there. Something bad. I knew I had to so something. I created... MAQS MAQS MAQS MAQS."

A gong, ecstatic violins and a celestial choir herald the arrival of the grown-up Maqs, crouching on a roof like a cosplayer locked out of her apartment.

    "It's a jungle out there. If you're not careful you'll be eaten alive. "

Luckily instead of getting eaten she spots her car keys, and is soon roaring through a tunnel to a voice-over, or possibly her motivational tapes.

     "My business is to protect those who need me. And look after their interests. My mission is to keep people out of trouble. But sometimes staying out of trouble is hard to avoid."

Meanwhile, across town, a client who tellingly named his company Gullible Faith AV is about to sign a contract with Shark Holdings Ltd, having been told, "You don't need to read that. It's just formalities".  Just in time, Maqs Justice appears. She chucks a MAQS Law-branded knife at a goon, disarming him, and reveals a hidden clause in the contract which would surely fail the contra proferentem rule.

     "Invisible ink. The oldest trick in the book."

Suddenly the fat man pops up with some terrifying dialogue and a special blue electricity power which enables him to forge signatures.

    "Let me introduce myself. I am Bad Business. And my business is good. Since you've revealed my trick, I'm forced to be a bit less refined and a bit more obvious. Feel my power. Resistance is futile. You think you can stop me? I been around since dawn of mankind."

Unfortunately for Bad Business, it turns out Maqs has her own contract-manipulating energy beam hands.

    "No! Impossible. I can't penetrate those contracts. I have underestimated you, Maqs."

Congratulation to MAQS Law on its ongoing quest for justice, and for really pushing the envelope on legal agreement special effects. If you've come across lawyers getting carried away, let RoF know.
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Anonymous 01 August 14 13:49

If I were a lawyer my special powers would be billing clients as much as possible whilst trying to avoid negligence claims. Superhero, sorry I meant superhero

Anonymous 01 August 14 19:02

Moral of the story: don't attend a completion meeting in a basement in the middle of the night. That's Bad Business.