A Canadian man appeared in court last Friday after suing the manufacturers of a penis pump.

The claimant, who is wisely remaining anonymous, said that he was an amateur body builder, and "my body grew and I wanted the rest to follow". So he spent $262 on an X4 Extender Deluxe Edition enlarger, which promised to "increase penis length and girth".

Sadly it appeared to do neither, despite the claimant hooking himself up to the device for a total of more than 500 hours. Although he was at pains to stress that there was nothing remotely pleasant about this, as apparently it was "extremely painful" and gave "a feeling of suffocation". He should have gone for the X7 Grande Luxe.

     This sort of thing ain't his bag  baby

He is seeking a refund of the cost of the pump and an extra $500 in punitive damages. The Quebec judge should give his decision over the next few weeks.

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