A trainee at Linklaters has had the unfortunate experience of seeing a mistake he made plastered all over the press, after failing to change a name in a document.

The firm acted for commodities giant Glencore on its recent $10 billion initial public offer ("IPO"). As is common in such deals Glencore was given a codename prior to the float - Galaxy. As is less common in such deals, the codename was left unchanged in final form documents. Insiders say that a trainee in Linklaters' employment department was behind the slip. And the result is that Ivan Glasenberg, the Glencore's billionaire CEO, seems to have an employment contract with a company that doesn't exist. A fact which was immediately picked up by the national press, much to the embarrassment of the hapless trainee.

    Glencore. Glencore. 

A spokesman for Linklaters said that "the Swiss law employment contract was entered into and signed by the correct named parties. There were some references to Galaxy, the code name for Glencore, left in the body of the contract, though this has no impact on its meaning or validity".

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