The many faces of Steve Lit.

LexisNexis is purchasing a legal tech company whose Belgian founders like to have a laugh, and has been roped in to the joke.

News that company A is buying company B usually goes unreported by RollOnFriday, because it’s boring, but this time the announcement was made via a "bizzare" mock press conference with "mad bantz", said a source.

Sure enough, while Henchman is a dry-sounding product which plugs into Microsoft Word to assist in drafting, the team behind it has spiced things up with their marketing.

Asked “Did it really happen?” by a 'reporter' at the fake press conference announcing LexisNexis's planned purchase, Henchman spokesperson Steve Lit pretends to misunderstand and replies, “Well, I wasn't planning on releasing that information but the cat’s out of the bag. I did in fact get the Brazilian butt lift”.


He continues over canned laughter, “No worries, the results are looking great. I'm recovering ass– as expected, and sitting down is an option again”.


The comedy bit will tickle viewers blessed with a continental sense of humour, while everyone else can enjoy the sight of a LexisNexis executive from the US, Jeff Pfiefer, playing along and wondering what the miljaar he's agreed to.

Asked what the future will look like for Henchman, Lit replies, “Champagne and caviar bumps, right, Jeffy?”

"Jeff", corrects the LexisNexis exec, who declines to reciprocate Lit's fist bump as part of his straight man routine.


When a reporter asks about Henchman's "questionable marketing in the past”, Lit experiences a flashback to previous videos the company put out, which saw him playing every member of a pretend law firm, picking flowers, tasting a swimming pool, and liquidising almonds in his fist.


The press conference ends with Lit unable to stand as his butt lift recovery is, it transpires, “not quite there yet”.


Lit's website profile states that he “might be a lawyer. He might also be a fictional character created by our marketing team, but like Santa, it’s more fun if you play along”. 

ROF hopes LexisNexis will adopt Lit's comedy approach to PR, which includes repeatedly failing to say his company's tagline correctly, and is surely where the business's real value resides. 


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Stilleto Mafiosa 21 June 24 08:25

Maybe naming your company after a villan's sidekick not their best move - makes them sound like Stilleto Mafiosa.... 

Anonymous 21 June 24 10:37

Let's be honest, LawTech not known as a hotbed of comic talent.

So in a world of pygmies, this man is a Grade A, galaxy class, mountain-pulverising colossus.

Number Two 21 June 24 11:54

Stiletto, would you rather they'd gone with goon, lackey, minion, myrmidon or hanger-on?

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