"I knew I should have gone for Salt & Vinegar instead..."

A US lawyer can return to work after he was suspended for crapping in a Pringles can and leaving it outside an advocacy centre, for a prank.

Jack Blakeslee, an Ohio criminal lawyer, dropped the crisp pot of poo in the car park of a crime-victim advocacy centre. He was attending court to represent a defendant accused of murder. The incident, which occurred in November 2021, was captured by CCTV in what may fairly be categorised as a video nasty. 

The Ohio Supreme Court considered the matter in November 2023. The court heard that the lawyer had purposely chosen the car park as his "drop zone" in order to prank victim advocates, whom he had known for years and was due to see at the advocacy centre, according to a report in the Columbus Dispatch. 

The lawyer, who began his legal career in 1976, said that he had not targeted anyone specifically. But he confessed that he had carried out the same prank at least 10 times that year, bringing a new meaning to the Pringles' slogan, "Once you poop pop, you can't stop".

The court ruled that in order to protect the public, Blakeslee would be suspended for a year, with six months of that suspension stayed. Unlike the cans, his disciplinary record was otherwise clean.

"The evidence in this case shows that despite societal standards of cleanliness and decorum, Blakeslee failed to control his own bizarre impulses to place feces-filled cans out in public for unsuspecting people to find," stated the court.

Blakeslee has now been allowed to return to practice, having complied with the conditions of his suspension. 

It is not the first time a legal phantom shitter has been identified, although often their identity remains a mystery

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Anonymous 28 June 24 09:17

Did the judgement shed any light on how he was getting the poos into the cans?

Like, did he poop onto a tray/flat surface and then shovel it in with a spoon (or similar implement) or did he somehow managing to align himself with the opening* and defecate directly into the tube?

That's the big question here.



*with a mirror? Or just by sensation alone?

Asking for a friend 28 June 24 17:07

Anyone know if it was one of the smaller tins or the big ones? There’s a real logistical challenge here. 

ShootyOriginal 30 June 24 13:02

Asking for a friend: I doubt they have the small tins in America. 

Or possibly what we call the large ones are their small ones. 

Dr Crapper 02 July 24 19:35

I did the same outside the Supreme Court last week. No-one seemed to mind....

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