This week's cringe-worthy website comes from Haresh Sood, a wannabe actor and former law student.

His personal site features an extensive (in fact a very extensive) biography listing all his achievements in both the legal world and the media. Many of these are undoubtedly impressive - working with charities, being recognised as "tomorrow's lawyer" by The Times (although tireless investigative work by RollOnFriday researchers suggests he came third). But do readers really need to know that Sood:

  • Played "a key role" in implementing changes under the Disability Discrimination Act in 2004 (although no further detail is given of that key role - key proof-reading perhaps?)
  • Was "recognised as one of Britain's top 20 hottest and sexiest young men" by New Women magazine.
  • Took part in "a versatile fashion shoot with one of the fashion industries [sic] top photographers".
  • And of course, attended the University of Leicester, "one of the UK's top ten law schools".

Haresh Sood yesterday

Check out the whole thing here, and be seduced by his unique "communication skills and natural charm - a rare mixture".

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