The Law Society has told Rick Kordowski, owner of the much-sued Solicitors from Hell website, to take his website off the net or face legal action.

It was only a matter of time before strong arm tactics were brought to bear on Kordowski, who set up the site six years ago after a bad experience with a law firm. As the site screams on its gaudy (and gory) front page, the idea is that clients name and shame their "oppressor", i.e. a solicitor who has "let them down". Any solicitors who are put out by the online bashing can simply stump up a £299 "admin fee" to have the comment removed.

Several lawyers saw Kordowski's revenue model as akin to extortion, and he has been on the end of several court kickings. One lawyer who refused to pay to have a comment removed won £45.5k in damages and costs. Still, Kordowski's bovvered bag remained empty - with no assets and no bank account, no one had a hope in hell of getting a penny out of him.

    An opportunity for constructive criticism yesterday

But the Law Society has finally come to the end of its tether and given Kordowski until 2 September to take down the site completely, according to a report in The Times. If he refuses, he will face action for defamation, harassment and breach of the Data Protection Act. The Society told Kordowski that the site "serves no legitimate purpose", simply provides those 'who have "axes to grind'" with a way to damage lawyers' reputations, and lets Kordowski line his own pockets.

Indignant that the Law Society "rejected" his suggestion to "work together to expose wrong-doing" in the legal profession, Kordowski intends to fight the allegations. He has hired Cloisters' Jonathan Crystal to represent him pro bono. This looks likely to run and run....

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Anonymous 19 August 11 15:58

Is this a case of Mr. Crystal biting the hand that feeds him or does he intend to rely solely on direct access for his future work?

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