A law graduate has pleaded guilty to arson after starting a fire on his roof and failing to extinguish it with his urine.

Andre Figuerido told Swansea magistrates that he started the blaze at his flat after a night drinking because he was "unhappy" a friend was leaving the city. Figuerido attempted to douse the eight-foot high flames with bottles of his own wee "and a fridge".

Then he started peeing fire and he knew he was in trouble

It is not known whether Figuerido filled the bottles with wee on the go or if he had a prepared a supply earlier in case of fire. When he failed to answer the door police broke in and found him fully-clothed in bed pretending to be asleep.

Figuerido arrived in Wales from Brazil in 2006 unable to speak English, but managed to secure a 2:1 in law. His solicitor said that although pleading guilty was "seriously going to dent his career path" Figuerido "takes full responsibility". He said that besides the booze "there seems no vaild reason for what he did". Figuerido was given a suspended jail term, 150 hours community service and a £1,500 bill for repairs.
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Roll On Friday 13 March 15 09:18

Sounds like a chap well worth knowing. Should do well at a Scottish firm, from the sounds of it.