Nursing mothers working at Latham & Watkins can now ship their breast milk home when they're working abroad.

Lawyers at the US firm, including those based in London, can opt into the scheme by submitting a form giving the name of their out-of-town lodgings and date of arrival. When they check-in, they will discover that Lathams has sent a complete milk-transporting kit in advance. It includes tape to seal the box, six NUK® nursing bags (holding six ounces each), a shipping label with tracking information and a cooler. The cooler's internal refrigeration widget keeps its cargo chilled for 72 hours.

Once the lawyer has finished expressing (or drugging a local and removing their kidney), she can drop off the cooler at the front desk and it will be shipped to her home address.

  "Great, I'm starving...I mean, my baby is starving." 

Hayley Gladstone, an associate in Chicago and global co-chair of Latham & Watkins' Parent Lawyers Group, said it was an "easy way to solve what can be a logistical nightmare". And so much more profitable than looking after a mewling newborn during those first few precious and unrepeatable months.
The firm said it believed it was the first to offer a breast milk shipping service, and it's probably right.

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Anonymous 23 September 16 14:06

Well done L&W. "Don't worry ladies, your baby doesn't need *you*, just your milk. You still have to work away from your child but not to worry, we'll ship your milk for you!"

I mean, it's better than nothing, and way to recognise breastfeeding mothers, but agh!

Anonymous 24 September 16 00:18

Hello Judgy Judgy McJudgers,

Unless you expect all newborns' fathers to also take the breastfeeding years off because they're so precious, I guess you think women should inevitably be the ones divorcing themselves from their careers due to biology.

And if you think dad should also take that time off, I guess you haven't had to worry about feeding a baby.

L&W is saying no mat leave. It's saying, if you want to work, we'll make it as compatible as we can with your parenting. This should be applauded. Put the snark away thanks.

Anonymous 24 September 16 02:50

Actually I would have welcomed this. It isn't necessarily just the first "few precious" months that you may want to breastfeed for - WHO guidance is until 2 years.

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