A Crown Court Judge launched into a sewer-mouthed rant as a court ordered her to pay £3,500 in damages after her dog attacked a neighbour.

Judge Beatrice Woodcock-Bolton was once the best of friends with her neighbours in a sleepy Northumberland town. However, that hit the rocks in May 2010 when the judge's German Shepherd, Georgina, took a chunk out of their son's leg as he was sunbathing in the garden the families shared.

  Ruff justice

It clearly wasn't too terrible an injury - it was checked at hospital but didn't require any treatment. But this week Woodcock-Bolton was found guilty of owning a dangerous dog by Carlisle Magistrates Court. Having already been told off for chewing gum in court (horrors), she reacted poorly to the verdict, calling it a "f**king travesty" and saying that "I will never sit in a court of law again...How can he bloody say that?"

Georgina was too busy gnawing on a bloody limb to comment.

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