A partner at one of Ireland's top law firms is suing her own partners.

Nicola Palmer, a real estate partner at Matheson Ormsby Prentice, has brought proceedings against the partnership. Officially, that's all that's known: the Irish High Court has refused to release any documents and MOP won't return RollOnFriday's calls. Palmer wouldn't comment other than to confirm that she was still a partner at the firm.


Nicola Palmer. Still a partner at MOP

Rumours are circulating that Palmer launched the action as a pre-emptive move to stop the firm from kicking her out in the future - although there's no firm evidence to support that. However, RollOnFriday has been deluged with comments from Irish lawyers about the woeful state of the Dublin market. There's not a lot of real estate work in Ireland at the moment, firms are slashing staff and salaries all over the shop, and it may be that Palmer has hit on an ingenious way of securing her position during the downturn. If so, expect plenty of other partners to watch this very carefully...

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