BPP University College is planning to open up another three sites - in addition to the six it already runs.

With much fanfare, everyone's favourite law school will soon be providing the debt-ridden lucky students of Cambridge, Liverpool and Newcastle with a top-notch LPC experience. What with Britain's newest university having opened up in Bristol and Birmingham last month, its plans for world domination are being set in action. All this is subject to validation by the SRA, but it's a fair bet that the Pontius Pilate of the legal world will wash its hands of any responsibility, so expect these centres to be up and running next year. How long before BPP is on every street corner?

    A BPP law school tomorrow

The news comes as Legal Week reports that the availability of training contracts is continuing to slide towards the old hen/tooth or needle/haystack nexus. So it's awkward timing for the law school. As it's rumoured each centre will educate an estimated 40-60 students, that's a potential 180 graduates with an expensive certificate and little prospect of using it. A couple of weeks ago, RollOnFriday reported on Kaplan law school taking the brave step of testing the suitability of their LPC applicants to try and weed out the...ummm...differently able. No word yet on whether BPP will be joining it.

Peter Crisp, Dean of BPP Law School, told RollOnFriday that "we're proud to serve these thriving areas...these centres are part of an ongoing expansion programme".

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