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Andrea Fraser on her mammoth journey

A Scottish lawyer has completed a cycle ride from Lviv to Edinburgh to fundraise for a charity helping mothers and babies in Ukraine. She also delivered an ambulance with medical supplies to the country.

Andrea Fraser, who works as a Human Rights lawyer for JUSTICE, drove an ambulance and trailer from Krakow to Ukraine in October, and delivered £11,000 of medical equipment including defibrillators, PPE, stretchers and blankets. The equipment was then distributed to the Ukraine frontline by volunteers from an organisation, Breaking the Chains.

Specialist birth bags produced by Baby Lifeline were included in the supplies. After delivering the medical equipment, Fraser then completing a gruelling 1,250 mile solo cycle ride from Lviv to Edinburgh, to raise funds for that charity. 

The lawyer told RollOnFriday: "My ride back from Ukraine has been full of highs and lows...But the harsh reminder of why I undertook the challenge has been ever-present. Three days before I arrived in Ukraine, Lviv was attacked. Three days after I left, missiles were falling there again."

"A huge part of this journey is about raising awareness for Ukraine and the extreme hardship of those living and working there - like the doctors and nurses working without adequate supplies."

She praised the "heroes" at Breaking the Chains who "continue to operate in Ukraine's most dangerous areas - areas that no other organisations can get to - to rescue animals, deliver supplies and ensure that those left behind are not forgotten."

She added that "seeing the amount raised for Baby Lifeline gradually increase throughout this trip has kept me going, I know that every pound donated will be spent on equipment that will save mothers and babies' lives."

You can find out more about the Baby Lifeline's Ukraine appeal, and donate to Fraser's JustGiving page here.

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Anonymous 23 November 22 18:23

Makes my pathetic Movember stubble look rightly pathetic. Great effort on the fundraising. Genuinely top quality effort. 

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