A Hogan Lovells partner has appeared as himself in the new series of House of Cards.

Washington-based partner Neal Katyal was originally asked to consult on the accuracy of the show's court proceedings, but after all the other candidates died in mysterious accidents he was deemed acceptable for television he won the role of himself.

  With coaching, Katyal could really nail his portrayal of Katyal

On the show Katyal spars with the Solicitor General, which is fitting since he was once an Acting Solicitor General himself. Katyal's input ensures that the depiction of court proceedings is unusually accurate, with no bellows of "I object” or weeping confessions, and instead quite a lot of technical points about constitutional reform.

Katyal told RollOnFriday that the show’s writers "exhibited the same care for craft as my top Supreme Court lawyers at Hogan Lovells", before staring into the camera and telling you directly that, nonetheless, none of them have been offered a role.

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