Hogan Lovells is teaching staff about gender transitioning with the help of a woman who transitioned while she was a director at the University of Law.

'Gender transitioning' describes the permanent change of a person's gender so that it aligns with their perception of themselves. Because Barbara on The League of Gentlemen complaining, "Who'd want to bond with me? I'm neither nowt nor summit", is often the extent of people's understanding of the process, Hogan Lovells has launched a policy to help transitioning individuals and educate their colleagues.

The guidelines, which include tips for the transitioning individual, their manager and team, and advice on communicating the news to colleagues and clients, were designed with the help of Rachel Reese. Having decided not to become a lawyer in the 1990s after she was accepted for training contracts at firms as a man, but rejected when she applied as a woman, Reese transitioned while working at the then-College of Law. Now a member of the Law Society's Diversity Council, she also advises businesses on how to make themselves trans-inclusive.

  Reese, demystifying trans life one lunchtime seminar of lawyers scoffing bacon butties at a time   

Reese said that although some firms aren't interested because, they say, they don't have any trans people ("and I say, um, you have"), she thought the profession had improved, with many more firms inviting her to speak. HogLove, said Reese, was "ahead of the curve", having also placed support and client-facing staff on a course about being trans in the UK. And it appears to be working, with one staffer already indicating their interest in transitioning.

As long as they don't get posted to the UAE. Asked whether the firm's Dubai office was being given the benefit of trans training, a HogLove spokeswoman told RollOnFriday, "Not currently".

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Anonymous 03 December 16 09:30

In my view, working towards diversity and inclusion across the board is important, Rachel Rees is making a powerful impact with her work and Hogan Lovells should be applauded for their efforts and leading on such an initiative. HogLove? Bacon Buttie jibes? The negative Dubai remark? Whoever wrote this article appears to have had to dig deep and desperately to appear 'witty' or 'clever' and my opinion, their remarks just show narrow-mindednes, a misplaced glibness and suggest a lack of versatility as a writer.

Anonymous 03 December 16 10:29

Oh don't be such a tede.

It's a really positive article. You can't expect RoF just to publish a press release.

The firm is known as HogLove throughout the market. And it's perfectly reasonable to question a firm's sincerity with this sort of initiative when it makes money in a country where they'd lock you up for being trans.

Anonymous 05 December 16 21:29

This IS a positive argument. Who is upvoting the demand for a totally dry humourless approach to this? On the wrong site.